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Getting started

To get started with Reaccord, follow these steps:


Set up your Discord bot

Before using Reaccord, you’ll need to set up a Discord bot on the Discord Developer Portal. Once your bot is created, make sure to note down your bot token and client ID

Optionally, you can create a development guild (server) to test your bot. Make sure to note down your guild ID. This is highly recommended if you intend to use slash (or any other type of) commands, as they will refresh instantly in your development guild, as opposed to refreshing in up to 24h in production guilds.

Install Reaccord

Terminal window
npm install reaccord
yarn add reaccord
pnpm add reaccord
bun add reaccord

Create Reaccord config file

Create a reaccord.config.js file in the root of your project and add the following code:

/** @type {import('reaccord').ReaccordConfig} */
module.exports = {
entry: "./path/to/your/bot.js",

Replace ./path/to/your/bot.js with the path to your bot file that we will create in the next step.

Let’s get started!

Setup your Reaccord bot

Create a new file, for example bot.jsx or bot.tsx, and add the following code:

import { createClient } from "reaccord"
const client = createClient({
intents: [],

This code creates a new Reaccord client with the provided options. Replace DISCORD_TOKEN, DISCORD_DEV_GUILD_ID, and DISCORD_CLIENT_ID with your bot’s token, development guild ID, and client ID respectively.

Define and register commands

Use createSlashCommand to define slash commands and register them with your Reaccord client. You can add parameters to your commands, and render a component when the command is executed.

const myCoolCommand = createSlashCommand("rick", "Rick and Morty characters info.")
.stringParam("username", "Your name")
({ username }) => (
<>Hello {username ?? "World"}</>

Connect your bot

Finally, connect your bot to Discord:

client.connect((client) =>
console.log(`🚀 Client connected as ${client.user?.username}!`),

Start your bot

To start your bot, run the following command:

Terminal window
npx reaccord dev

That’s it! You’ve now set up a basic Discord bot using Reaccord.

For more advanced usage, check out the API Reference.